Pricing Modules


An easy and fast way to track drivers’ working hours, check wages and transfer to payroll.

  • Driver application
  • Worktime approval
  • Driver registry
  • Driver groups
  • Location

First module 15€/vehicle/month

Next modules 10 €/vehicle/month

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Reporting & Emissions

Route-, task-, vehicle- and driver-specific reporting, including fleet performance and emissions.

  • Rerpoting
  • Task profitability
  • Route profitability
  • Income data
  • Emissions

First module 15 €/vehicle/month

Next modules 10 €/vehicle/month

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Fleet management

Management of the cost structure of the fleet. Fleet maintenance records and maintenance reminders are coming (spring, 2024)

  • Vehicle list
  • Maintenance
  • Refueling
  • Vehicle calculations and job calculator

First module 15 €/vehicle/month

Next modules 10 €/vehicle/month

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+ Implementation fee 200 € / module / vehicle.

+ Next modules 100€ / module / vehicle.

Minimum implementation fee 1000 € / organisation

Product / Module

The company adopts the worktime module and the reporting & emissions module from Diffo. The transport company has 10 vehicles and 20 drivers.
The company will later buy a fleet management module

Pricing example

Total monthly fee €15+10 / vehicle / month X 10 vehicles = €250 / month Implementation fee is €150 / vehicle X 10 vehicles = €1500

The pricing of the additional module is €10 / vehicle / month, so now the company’s monthly fee is €350 in total. Since the module is taken as a separate package, the implementation fee for the additional module will be charged again for 10 vehicles, i.e. €500.

Software customization

On Diffo’s platform, it is possible to customize company-specific features such as resource planning or operational management


90 € / hour.

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