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Easy-to-use working time tracking for the transport industry

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Providing tool for worktime monitoring

Diffo Driver & Worktime is an easy-to-use software for monitoring and checking drivers’ working hours. This service is essential in striving efficiency in driving and other work events. It gives better understanding on how much time is spent on each single event during the shift.
Every work event is connected to location information and is available in Diffo Map view. Working time information can be linked to the vehicle and the route. The service is available to support the entire organisation, from managers to drivers.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear information about completed and on-going work shifts.
  • Variety of different working events for the driver to use, such as waiting, break, maintenance etc.
  • Gather detailed information from loading, unloading and fueling events, such as ton, pallet and liter quantities.
  • Auto-drive and Auto-break features
  • Absence monitoring and notification system
  • Customizable driver view
  • Works on vehicles side screen and on smartphone devices.
  • Implementing is quick and easy and does not require additional hardware installations in the vehicle

Features and Benefits

  • Check and approve drivers’ working hours and daily allowances from one view.
  • Combine vehicle performance data such as mileage and fuel consumption data for work shifts.
  • Work shift summary and export directly to payroll.
  • Information about work shifts available to both the employee and the employer.
  • The driver can see if his work shift and absence request have been checked and approved.
  • Customizable office view
  • Customizable project and cost type codes.
  • It is also possible to use it directly by connecting to digital plotter data

Uses of wortime monitoring

Worktime: Diffo Driver

  • Working time monitoring via the vehicle terminal, which works on smartphones, tablets or from Volvo’s side screen.
  • Download from the Android Play Store or from the Apple App Store.
  • Accurate information on the duration of various work events such as loading, unloading, breaks from events.

Worktime: Digital plotter

  • The work shift is automatically made up of the times when the digital recorder card is stamped in and out.
  • Retrieves information from the following systems: VolvoConnect, Scania Data-access, Mercedes Fleetboard, Mapon or Econen.
  • No extra work for the driver.

Worktime: Digital plotter + Diffo Driver

  • Automatic generation of working time data from a digital plotter, after which additions can be made to work shifts using the Diffo Driver application.
  • The driver can add non-driving work such as maintenance, terminal or other work afterwards.
  • Absence reporting and monitoring system, if illness comes as a surprise.

Streamline daily operations with working time information

With the help of working time monitoring, we can get information about how much time is needed to complete the work. This can be used to improve services, evaluate the correctness of pricing and ensure that customer promises are fulfilled as efficiently as possible
The information gathered through Diffo Driver application can be used to generate key performance indicators such as profitability and emissions of a vehicle, route or shipment by combining other features on Diffo Platform. With Diffo, you can create different reports automatically, and you don’t have to search and combine data from diverse sources. Automatically generated reports are easily accessible and shareable to other stakeholders.

Why choose Diffo?

With the help of Diffo, Transport companies have improved their profitability by 3-5% during the first year. On average, this means 15-25 thousand euros more under the line per vehicle.

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