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Diffo’s comprehensive reporting – information where it matters

Profitability reporting

With Diffo, you get profitability reporting per customer, route, vehicle and driver. By monitoring profitability in real time, Transport companies can effectively allocate their resources, such as drivers, routes and vehicles. With accurate and up-to-date information, Transport companies are able to address the pain points of transport operations more quickly. By utilizing Diffo’s profitability reporting, Transport companies are able to manage their business in a profitability-oriented manner.

  • €/km data on turnover, costs and margin
  • €/hour information on turnover, costs and margin
  • Total trips, hours and consumption for the selected period
  • Average speed (km/h) and Fuel consumption (l/100km)

Emission reporting

With Diffo, you get emission reporting for partial loads and shipment-specific emissions for individual transports. You can find transport emission data in tasks, reports and under income data. Shipment-specific emissions are calculated based on the shipment’s freight tons and kilometers. With Diffo, you get clear emissions reporting. Diffo automatically creates emission reports for the desired period. You can create emission reports per customer, route, vehicle and driver.

The European Union has gradually tightened the emission reporting regulations for road transport. Even now, the largest transport companies must report on the environmental impact of transport. In the future, more and more customers want to know the emissions of their transports. Diffo’s experts follow up-to-date official regulations regarding emissions reporting, so transport companies have one less worry when using Diffo’s platform

Diffo reports emissions based on:

  • EN 16258 – ja ISO 14083 -standard
  • GLEC-frame of reference
  • EURO emission classification of vehicles

Diffo’s reporting in practice

Diffo is specialized in profitability and emissions reporting in the transport sector. With Diffo, you get the information reliably and effortlessly with a few clicks of a button. Diffo combines the data from the transport events under one system that analyzes the data for you.

You can connect the emission and profitability data analyzed by Diffo via an open API to other external systems, such as driving management systems or management desks to the BI system. Diffo supports the daily work of transport managers, shift planners and other operational decision-makers by providing back-to-back information from completed tasks.

  • Revenue data: Data on shipment-specific revenue as well as load data can be delivered to Diffo from the customer’s ERP system via an interface, CSV file, Excel file or another alternative way.
  • Consumption data: Data on vehicle performance, such as kilometer, liter and hourly data, are retrieved directly from the vehicle manufacturers’ bus or from third-party devices.
  • Fleet cost information: Vehicle cost information on vehicle investments, insurance, taxes, maintenance, tires, etc. is taken into account in Diffo on an annual basis through accounting.
  • Working time information: Hourly information is obtained either from the vehicles’ telematics or, alternatively, via Diffo’s vehicle terminal. Working hours are automatically analyzed in accordance with the collective agreement in the transport industry.

Clear reports for internal company use and stakeholders

Information from one view

The report gathers information on profitability, performance and emissions in one view. The reports are automatically updated according to the information collected from the tasks.

Choose what data you want to view

You can create a report according to the desired date, vehicle and customer. Look at the profitability of certain vehicles and customer relationships, for example. You can also view route-specific information and profitability from the reports.

Build trust with customers and stakeholders

With Diffo’s reports, you always get reliable reports for different purposes. With Diffo’s reports, you save time from combining, searching and calculating data.

Why choose Diffo?

With the help of Diffo, Transport companies have improved their profitability by 3-5% during the first year. On average, this means 15-25 thousand euros more under the line per vehicle.

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