The smoothest way to monitor your company’s profitability and performance from one software

Tracking the costs of your entire fleet is now easier than ever. From Diffo, you can monitor the results of the planned routes in real time. We analyze cost, emission and profitability data for you by vehicle, customer and route. With the help of Diffo, our customers have been able to make their business more efficient and improve their profitability.

Collect real-time data on the events of drivers’ work shifts and a summary for payroll.

Improve your profitability by ensuring production efficiency and utilization rates.

Track the profitability and emissions of vehicles or routes with automatic reports.

Why choose Diffo?

With the help of Diffo, Transport companies have improved their profitability by 3-5% during the first year. On average, this means 15-25 thousand euros more under the line per vehicle.
Diffo’s application connects the driver, the vehicle and the operation, so that the information needed to improve profitability guides decision-making and operations at every level, from the manager to the driver.

Use your drivers on the routes and vehicles where they are most efficient

With the help of Diffo’s worktime monitoring and reporting tools, it is possible to collect information on driver-specific differences and to assign drivers to the vehicles and routes where they are most economically profitable. Commit drivers to the company’s operations with effective communication and pay-for-performance models.

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Harness vehicle cost information as a driving force for decision-making

With the help of our calculators, our customers have been able to ensure profitable pricing based on the latest cost information for their fleet. You get help in pricing new contracts and in reviewing long-term contracts

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An easier way to generate all your business reports

Diffo’s reporting tool provides information on performance, costs, profitability and emissions reporting. With Diffo, you can create different reports automatically, and you don’t have to search and combine data from different sources. Understanding the overall picture of the business is now even clearer.

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Diffo offers a useful profitability-based
information for the various decision-makers in your organization.

Hardware free solution

No need for separate vehicle hardware installations. Use your existing solutions.

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Intelligent data analytics

Diffo collects and analyzes data from various sources such as vehicles, working time monitoring and ERP automatically.


Better decision making

Reduce manual work and minimize the risk of costly mistakes. Make decisions based on facts, not good guesses.


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