Diffo Integrations

Diffo API  allows you to import data from any software automatically


Open interface for your personal needs

In principle, all the information our customers need can be imported into Diffo and exported to other systems.

Our mission is to bring information to one place for all users in the organization in an efficient and clear format.

Data collection

In practice, the data collected for the data to be analyzed at Diffo can be divided into three groups:

  • Income information
  • Vehicle and performance information
  • Other information (accounting etc.)

Interfaces in production use

The following interfaces are currently in production use:

  • Econen
  • Volvo Connect/Dynafleet
  • Scania Fleet Management
  • LogiApps


Is Diffo missing the interface you need? Feel free to contact us, contact information can be found in the button next to it.

More detailed documentation on the Diffon interface can be found at: docs.diffo.fi 

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