Calculate the cost structure and profitability of your current or future vehicles


Calculate the profitability of your existing assets

Identify the profitability and cost structure of your vehicle’s

Identify the cost structure of your various load, truck and trailer combinations

Identify which areas take the most money out of your vehicle’s cost

See clearly what wages, insurance and maintenance are as a percentage of your total cost per unit and per year

Calculate your profitability, time based cost and distance based cost

With our unique way of calculating combination costs, you can identify the profitability of your routes

Invest with confidence

Examine in advance the cost structure of your new vehicle and the most profitable acquisition method

Compare your new investment with existing assets

Identify the best and most suitable way to acquire new equipment by comparing different financing methods, taking into account the lifetime of the vehicle.

See the cost structure of your new fleet per unit and annual cost in advance. The calculation will allow you to identify how your new investment can affect the profitability of your existing routes.

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